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From easy ordering to special discounts, Mercedes-Benz CollisionPro is the right way to find the right parts at the right price.
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Designed to perform.
Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.

Competitively priced and extremely durable, every single Mercedes-Benz part is meticulously designed and thoroughly tested to the specifications of each vehicle. This is engineering performance at its highest level.
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Now comes the best part.

Turn to a certified PartsPro dealership, and you can save on lost productive hours with dedicated wholesale representatives, multiple daily deliveries, and hot-shot deliveries where available. Additionally, with access to over 300,000 readily available Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, you can get the right parts, right when you need them.
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The right accessories
for every Mercedes-Benz.

From dynamic spoilers to stunning alloy wheels, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories are designed for a perfect fit to give every vehicle its own distinct style. Take a look at our wide assortment of accessories designed to fit all kinds of Mercedes-Benz makes and models.
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We've got the right parts for almost every make, model and year.

Most classic car owners are devoted to running their vehicle smoothly for miles to come. From the smallest washer to an entire carburetor assembly, every classic part is made to the same exacting standards as brand new Mercedes-Benz parts.
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The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1.

Mobil 1 helps extend engine life with premium protection to combat sludge and reduce engine wear. It maintains excellent fuel efficiency, making it the Mercedes-Benz recommended brand of oil.
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Genuine Parts Facts

Up to 60%* more airflow.

High-quality filter material holds up well against snow, water and other harsh road conditions.

Protects your engine from harmful dirt particles, gravel, and other debris.

The soft rubber gasket seals tightly, helping prevent unfiltered air from entering the engine.

*As compared to leading paper air filters and based on test # ISO 5011-2000 which measures filtration efficiency using diesel soot.
As few as 1 vs. 200* brake noise events per month.

Consistent brake behavior no matter the driving circumstances.

High-quality back plate construction resists corrosion.

Soft brake pads, eliminating virtually all brake noises.

*As compared to economy brake pads and based on brake test # LACT 502987 which measures the noise every time brakes are applied.
Up to 2x* better filtration.

Removes up to 150% more potentially harmful particles smaller than .1 micron.*

Up to 50% better airflow, resulting in less window fogging.**

Made with high-quality, charcoal layers.

*As compared to leading economy filters based on test # ISO 11155-2:2001 (E) which tests odor removal efficiency.
**As compared to leading economy filters based on test # ISO 11155-1:2001 (E) which tests filtration efficiency.
Up to 45%* longer life.

Proven reliability even under harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures.

Filters out hazardous dirt particles as small as .5 micron.

Made with high-quality fleece filter material that resists deformation.

*As compared to economy oil filters and based on oil filter test # ISO 4548-12 (2000:E) which measures differential pressure (meaning the pressure that oil flows through the filter during every run cycle).
Up to 800,000* more wiping cycles.

Resists extreme ice, snow, and rainy conditions.

Equipped with a maintenance indicator.

Precise curvature and pressure points are unique to each model.

*As compared to economy wiper blades using durability test # PN 103713 which tests wiper durability through 1.5 million wiping cycles.

Certified Collision Centers

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Customer retention can be challenging. By becoming a Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center, your customers will feel assured and confident that their vehicle is being properly repaired. As our partner, you will have access to exclusive technical tools and the latest in specialized technology.
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